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Women and Money

Managing the complexities of your financial ecosystem requires a

                                              multi-faceted skill set.


Those who achieve optimal success most often possess the traits of Mindfulness, Determination, and Emotional Intelligence.

Like any advice relationship, those that receive the most value are more inclined to seek advice , express their feelings, and trust in their intuition.

Women are well suited to navigate the complexities of today’s financial world.

                      Many feel that women are actually better suited.

            Historically, the financial world has been dominated by males.

As such, money tends to be branded as masculine.  This can make money matters more challenging for women to:

                    -  “lean in” to the financial conversation

                 -  to develop a personal relationship with the concept of money

             –  to keep an interest and attention

 Financial security translates into success in many other important areas of life:

   Independence - Choice - Health - Safety - Family -  Education SecurityStability -                                                 Travel - Hobbies and FUN!


Traditionally, some women have chosen to outsource the family finances to someone else. Perhaps some were raised in families where heart-to-heart money conversations seldom occurred.  This can often lead to feelings of discomfort and uncertainty.

The good news is it doesn’t have to feel that way.

I’m happy to report these Seas are Changing.  Women now control over half  the wealth in this country.  Through independent choices and/or longevity, most women will find themselves in the position of needing to be skilled in financial matter at some point in their life.

Live Well Advisors is proud to report that the majority of our most successful clients are women and have become the financial decision maker in the family.

Here at Live Well Advisors, we focus on the unique skills and needs of women.



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