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   "Become the change you seek in the world"

ESG   investing enables the individual investor to go beyond Socially Responsible Investing.


                                                 E = Environmental

                                                            S = Social

                                                                     G = Corporate Governance


ESG investing takes into consideration ESG criteria in investment analysis and portfolio constructions         across asset classes.



              Environmental                Climate, energy efficiency, pollution, sustainable agriculture and                                                                   water.

                       Social                           Work place safety, labor, workplace benefits, diversity, community                                                                relations and human and animal rights.

      Corporate Governance        Political contributions, executive compensation, board diversity,                                                                   board independence and transparency and disclosure.


Active investors are reaching out to engage companies regarding policy and behavior on specific ESG issues using the following methods:

                                           Voting proxies

                                           Writing Letters

                                           Engaging in dialogue with management and/or boards of companies.

                                           Sponsoring shareholder resolutions.

The return may be lower than if the advisor made decisions based solely investment considerations.

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